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you are the beef


Oi Oi Saveloy! Welcome to my website and the world of ‘You are the Beef’. I wrote this book about different periods in my life, different phases with numerous adventures, some of them dangerous and others hilarious.The book starts off with a true story about Skinheads coming down and invading our seaside town of Margate. This is the period I became a Skinhead with my trusty companion ‘Mickey Boy Meaker’ Although the Skinhead phase didn’t really last that long, the memories are still crystal clear today. Through that Skinhead, period came the revival of the ‘Mods’ which only meant an increase of ‘Rockers.’Which meant if the two came together it was more like carnage. I and my other Skinhead buddies had some real close encounters with these bad boys. I have to hand it to the Mods, they had the numbers and just seemed to turn up in their droves. Back then in the late seventies, a local paper estimated an invasion of 800 Parker bearing hoodlums. We got chased by about two hundred of the Mods one night me and my bald cronies, but we lived on to tell the tale. It’s funny, we all had bikes but nearly everyone was a Skinhead.The Mods nicked my abandoned bike one night, but you’ll have to read the full stories is in Chapter 2: Night Fishing.

You are the Beef

The next stage in my life was Football……Chelsea to be precise. Originally, my book was only going to be about football violence, travelling up and down the country causing all sorts of mayhem and trouble. Thank god it’s calmed down nowadays I don’t think we would have a national game left anymore. My first experience with Chelsea, at West Ham, should have put me off for life, but still, I carried on going. It wasn’t very often our Chelsea firm came unstuck, I think only twice in my time of flying the blue flag. I was ejected out of the ground at my first home game at Chelsea. This was more embarrassing to tell you the truth. I think I was just caught up with the Old Bill(who didn’t always have it their own way) trying to show some authority in our famous Shed End. Music was the next pastime to take over my life. I was obsessed with playing the guitar and used to drive people bonkers(especially my dad) playing it for hours on end till my fingers bled, I absolutely loved it. I’ve played in all sorts of bands in my lifetime with The Anti-Nowhere League at the top of the tree. I’m currently playing with The Last Resort and writing songs with JJ Kaos. Our latest album is called ‘This is my England’ to which I think we have done ourselves proud keeping the Oi scene alive. Roi(our singer) still gets down the Den to see his beloved ‘Millwall’, I don’t think he’ll ever lose his passion for ‘The Lions.’ Our drummer Mik Gaffney writes for music magazines and tours with other bands as a drum technician. So that’s all you’re gonna get, you’re just gonna have to read my book if you wanna know more. Regards Beef.

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You are the Beef

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  1. Loved the book. Amazing life and adventures. Top man, heart of gold and so genuine.
    Very very grateful to have met (and personally signed book off course) you beefy. Will always be my number 1.

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